What's on offer at Nokia World for Developers?

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In this video, published by Nokia Developer, Reggie Hutcherson, Director of Windows Phone Developer Experience at Nokia, outline what developers can expect from Nokia World 2011. There's going to be lots on offer - from new devices, through partner demos and panel discussions to a dedicated day two keynote on how Nokia will engage with developers going forward.

Nokia World highlights for developers include:

  • Finding out about Nokia's new devices.
  • Partners comes on stage to showcase "what they've done in terms of development on Windows Phone and the new devices".
  • Panel discussion across a broad range of topics, including: how to build, monetise and deploy your apps.
  • Second day keynote which will "specifically layout how we [Nokia] are going to engage with developers".

Video description:

Reggie Hutcherson oversees the developer engagement programs at Nokia for Windows Phone, and he recently sat down with us to provide his insights about what developers can expect to see at Nokia World next week in London. In short, he calls it "the beginning of a new era".

“Developers have always shown to have this sixth sense of what’s coming next,” Reggie said. “They can predict how consumers will embrace a new technology or operating system. And at Nokia, we see developers as the key stakeholders of our future.”

Source / Credit: Nokia Developer