iPhone 4s vs Lumia 800... fight?

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Slashgear's Chris Davis takes the Nokia Lumia 800, and puts it next to the iPhone 4S. There's a lot of interesting match-ups, including polycarbonite or flat glass, curves or pillows and app store numbers.

Both the Nokia Lumia 800 and the iPhone have rather unique looking casings going on. With the 800, you’ve got a solid piece of polycarbonite and a single piece of curve-edged glass up front on top of a 3.7-inch display and the three standard Windows Phone buttons. With the iPhone, you’ve got a 3.5-inch display covered with a single sheet of flat glass, glass on the back of the device as well, and an aluminum ring around the edges.

As is fitting for such personal devices, there's no clear answer on offer, but the question is one that's going to be asked my many over the next few weeks and months.

iPhone vs 800

Source / Credit: Slashgear