Are Nokia ready to "dominate" with Windows Phone?

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That's the opinion Ewan MacLeod of Mobile Industry Review. Having skipped Nokia World last year, his excitement on attending this year (as you may have heard on our Insight Podcast yesterday) is palpable.

Last year I didn’t go to Nokia World... I couldn’t. I just couldn’t face it. Watching some of the streaming video from that event, I simply could not believe that Anssi Van Jokki got away with screaming “Nokia is back” during his keynote. It was — as I think everyone bar the odd Symbian fanatic — total unmitigated bollocks. The future for the company then was hugely uncomfortable to consider.

This year though? Wow... The executives we saw on stage during the keynote were effervescent, excited, passionate and a true credit to the new Nokia.

MacLeod never uses calm and gentle words, but even with that caveat this is one of the strongest endorsments he's made of any company in recent memory. If the keynotes didn't make MacLeod's audience sit up and notice, I suspect this barnstormer of a post will.

Source / Credit: Mobile Industry Review