Lumia, the Facebook phone that isn't rubbish

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Forget about all the discussion of a Facebook dedicated phone, suggests the writing team of Simon Bisson and Mary Branscombe, because Windows Phone does it all, and is perfectly targeted at the 20-somethings market.

...for the socially oriented, affluent but aspiring 25 year old that Nokia is advertising the Lumias too, they're pitch perfect. Mango is a nice operating system with an interface that ranges from functional to charming, with more apps than BlackBerry - including the all-important Angry Birds, as well as working as an Xbox controller. It's a Facebook phone that isn't as naff as most phones labelled as such.

As well as pointing out that Nokia have turned the phone around in just over half a year, it's a cautious thumbs up to Nokia.

Source / Credit: Simon Bisson and Mary Branscombe (ZDNet)