Let Windows Phone find a mountain for you to climb

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"Windows Phone, I want to climb a mountain, where can I find one?" And TouchMountain will give you the answer. Wonderfully niche, but detailed, put together with love, it's not only a smart app, but another sign that developers are coming round to choosing Windows Phone as a platform.

TouchMountain is the perfect tool for hikers, climbers, bikers, skiiers, snowboarders, other outdoor athletes and everyone who just likes mountains!

As well as a professional application, there's a full website and blog to back up the entry in the Marketplace.

  Touch MountainTouch Mountain

Now consider this, an App Store that has quality applications in tight niches is a store that has not only won mindshare, but is proving to be a choice that developers want to make. TouchMountain might be great material for a stand-up comedian, but it's also great material to show the maturing Windows Phone Marketplace - and it's great for finding mountains!

Source / Credit: Windows Marketplace