Nokia's Marketing Arch pops up at the Westfield shopping centre

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Demoed at last week's Nokia World, one of the marketing stands - the arch - has taken a little trip up the Jubilee Line to the Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford (located next 2012 Olympics site), where it's attracting interest and customers for the Nokia Lumia 800 according to Conversations by Nokia.

This type of retail furniture is expected to be a common theme across the Nokia Lumia 800 launch countries. As part of the promotional activities, Nokia says it will be installing more live demo devices than ever before. Hand in hand with this is the training program for phone retailers, a glimpse of which you can see through The Connection

Nokia Conversations has some photos of the arch from the exhibition floor, and goes into a bit of detail on how it expects it to be used:

The innovative retail experience, which opened yesterday, will be seen by visitors from all over the world and is set for a global launch. It is designed to allow shoppers to see, touch and play with the Lumia 800, ask questions about it, and then go to one of the nearby phone shops to buy it. The new owners will then be free to go back to staff at the arch for help to transfer contacts and other media from their old phone.

Nokia's PR Arch


If you're around Westfield, let us know what you think!

Source / Credit: Conversations by Nokia