Angry Birds smashes past 500 million downloads

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Angry Birds, the game that has become emblematic of mobile apps, has now been downloaded more than half a billion times, according to an announcement, at the Slush conference, by its Finland-based developer Rovio. Other scary stats shared include a total playing time of 200,000 years, and 400 (angry) billion bird launches.

It has taken Rovio just over two years to reach this point with three different editions of the game (Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio) across multiple platforms. With regular episode updates, its worth remembering that each Angry Birds player will account for multiple downloads. Nonetheless, it is a remarkable achievement.

Angry Birds for Windows Phone can be downloaded from the Windows Phone marketplace. A free trial is available, with the full game costing £2.29 / $2.99 / €2.99. 

Angry Birds is also available for many other platforms, the latest addition being Nokia's Series 40, so it seems likely that Angry Birds will be the first mobile app to clear the 1 billion download mark.


Angry Birds celebration video


Squawk! Angry Birds, the best selling mobile game in the world, has achieved amazing things. Angry Birds Fans around the world have so far played a total of 200,000 years of Angry Birds, with 300 million minutes of playing time daily. Moreover, more than 266 billion levels of Angry Birds have been played, with 400 billion birds launched into action, and over 44 billion Stars collected in the process.