Add a month calendar Live Tile to your start screen

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Live Calendar, added to the Windows Phone Marketplace on Thursday, is a small utility application, which allows you to pin a Live Tile to the start screen showing a numeric calendar for the current month. Every 10 seconds the Live Tile flips to show the current date, day of the week and week number. 

The Live Tile provides a useful at-a-glance reference for working out what day of the week a given day of the month falls on, but also provides a useful reminder for the current date and week number. That's a decent amount of information for a single Live Tile.

Tapping on the Live Tile drops you into the Live Calendar application, where a bigger version of the numeric month calendar is shown. Swiping left or right moves the displayed calendar a month backwards or forwards. 


ScreenshotMonthMonth screenshot


This app can create a month calendar live-tile on the start screen.
Usage is very simple, you can create a live-tile with one tap.
The contents of the live-tile calendar will automatically renew by a background task.
The background color of the calendar varies depending on the theme color. (black/white)
Language of the calendar depends on the region setting.

More on the Live Calendar app page.