How to build a very big phone in sixty seconds

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In the build up to the Windows Phone announcement in New York's Times Square, the construction of a six story high Windows Phone has been a wonderful touchstone, building up excitement and anticipation. And someone in Microsoft was smart enough to set up a camera to grab a time lapse video of the construction.

And the fun continues on the smartphone screen, as Michael Stroh tells us on the Windows Phone Blog.

The Big Windows Phone will feature 8 hours of live performance and digital entertainment projected on giant LED screens. The Live Tiles will be very much alive:  You’ll see games in the Games Hub, music in the Music + Video Hub, people in the People Hub. Besides just seeming like a cool thing to do, the supersized smartphone underscores our people-centered approach to building phones.

One question remains... which music track should they have put over the video?

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Blog