Nokia confirms Lumia Windows Phone units for existing developers

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Following on from the announcement at Nokia World of 25,000 Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 smartphones for developers, Nokia have given out some more details on their Developer News site, and the news is good for existing developers, many of whom will be on the distribution list automatically.

If you received a Nokia E7 back in February when we announced our new smartphone strategy, you’ll automatically receive a Windows Phone device.  If you are currently a Nokia Developer Champion or a Nokia Launchpad member, you are already eligible, and you will soon receive an e-mail to explain how to get your new Nokia Windows Phone.  If you are new to the Nokia Developer community, then we encourage you to attend one of the many outreach events that will happen over the next few months which will give you the opportunity to get a Windows Phone device.

So there you go. The developer program can be found here, and do let us know what you get up to when you release your applications.

Source / Credit: Nokia Developer News