If the answer isn't iPhone, then is it Windows Phone?

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Drew Olanoff has decided that he no longer wants an Apple iPhone. He's laid out his reasoning in a pretty clear discussion piece over on The Next Web. What he's not done is decide on the phone that will be his after the iPhone, and there's some lively debate in the comments, with Android and Windows Phone fans alike pitching in to give him advice (and the occassional bit of snark).

After recent months of thinking about what my expectations are for a mobile device, having owned every version of the iPhone and using every version of iOS, I realized that the iPhone isn’t for me anymore. Sadly, the iPhone has become “just another phone”. I am still an avid iPad, Apple TV, and MacBook Air user, though. Of course I’ll keep the iPhone to check out great apps, but it’s not going to be my go-to device anymore. Hopefully this can shed a little light on why...

Covering social network interation, customisation, confusion and the proliferation of apps, Olanoff is likely one of the fist looking for something fresh and different over the next year or two as contracts come to an end. Sure, many people will stay with a slightly updated handset, but others will look to see what's on the other side of the fence.

For many, that will be Windows Phone.

Source / Credit: Drew Olanoff (The Next Web)