Windows Phone gets influenced as Klout pops up in the Marketplace

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Klout is an interesting site (in a sort of long drawn out "that's... interesting"). It measures social influence primarily on Twitter (although YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn are recent additions), and uses analytics on the accounts, and the input of third parties recommending people who have Klout in specific areas to decide who is a good influencer on the networks. Some people think it's snake oil, others thing it's a brilliant tool. Whichever camp you're in, it's fun to look up people and see what their "Klout Score" is. Now you can do that on your Windows Phone with Klout Kikimeter from Pierre Cauchois.

 Klout on WP Klout on WP

Cauchois promises more from the application in future updates, including Live Tile support, trending over 1 day and 5 days, and multiple user search. That's good to hear. While Klout might be a specialist Web 2.0 service, Windows Phone needs to be seen as a place where Web 2.0 applications can be found. Apps llike Klout Kikimeter, +K to @Pierreca.

Source / Credit: AAWP App Directory