El Reg takes aim at the Lumia 800

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Andrew Orlowski has seen countless handsets in his time writing at The Register. So his review of the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone is going to draw on a wealth of experience, mixed in with his dry wit and laser-like analysis. Naturally, like any journalist, he gets the important detail out the way with his first line.

"For the first time in ages, it's possible to recommend a Nokia phone to somebody in the pub."

Nokia Lumia 800 on the web

Spread over six pages, the temptation is to lift some of the choice quotes, but I'd rather not spoil the delight as you come across another gem. Orlowski is on fine form... oh go on then, just one more:

To avoid the information deluge that swamps previous attempts at a “unified inbox” you can view the communications activity of subsets of people – separating “Friends” from “Attention-seeking internet blowhards” for example.

It's another "get a cup of tea" article. Enjoy!

Source / Credit: Andrew Orlowski (The Register)