WP Central review the Samsung Focus Flash

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George Ponder (WP Central) looks at the Samsung Focus Flash and finds a solid performing phone, with the expected peripherals and sensors, including a gyro, compass and front facing camera. Aimed at the mid-range, it does have some compromises, and the limitation of 8GB of storage rears its head once more.

But while the Flash may be more budget friendly than other Windows Phone, it also adds a more compact option to the line-up for those who prefer smaller phones.  The Flash also doesn't skimp on the features by including the gyro and digital compass.  Call quality is nice, screen quality is very good and the presence of a physical Start Button has its own appeal. While the Flash is a solid performer, it isn't without reservations.

Samsung Focus FlashThe full review is over on WP Central, check it out!

Source / Credit: WP Central