"I don't care what platform you use"

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It's true, the majority of tech writers don't have one device. We bounce around the platforms, we see what works for us, and then we go and write about it. At which point, everyone tells us we're wrong. James Kendrick has been around the block on countless websites, he's seen the flame wars, and now it's time for him to tell the truth... "I do not care what platform you use. I care even less what gadget you own."

Kendrick on what his personal choice means to his readers, but also want people to know his choice is not the only choice.

If I write that I prefer product A over product B, I am not slamming those that own the latter. I am simply stating a personal preference, and not implying anything about you or your choice in products. I am definitely not trying to get you to switch to my preferred product A, because I don’t think less of anyone who uses something different. I like to hear why, as a matter of fact.

A delightful editorial for the weekend.

Source / Credit: ZDNet