But which is better, the Lumia 800 or the HTC Titan?

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What happens when you put the two latest Mango handsets, the Nokia Lumia 800 and the HTC Titan, next to each other  to try and work out which one has the upper hand? Ben Woods looks at both the smartphones to try and make an almost impossible decision.

Perhpas it's not as impossible as it first seems. Spoilers ahead...

After spending at least a week using both phones, my conclusion is there is not very much between the two. Both make the mistake of omitting microSD expansion slots, so internal memory is limited to 16GB for each. They have similar external hardware controls, with a dedicated camera shutter button and volume rockers. So which handset came out on top? Ultimately, it's the -

Actually, no, lets be spoiler free. Head over to get Woods' conclusion on ZDNet.

Source / Credit: ZDNet