Windows Phone Parent lauches

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And it's a big welcome to another new website, Windows Phone Parent ( Looking to promote family friendly content, both through their reviews of suitable applications, and promotion of the platform as a device for everyone.

Here are their listed goals from their website:

  • To provide other parents with an opportunity to learn about Windows Phone applications that will enhance their lives and will teach and entertain their children,
  • To providing developers a direct channel of communication with parents interested in family-friendly applications,
  • To share best practices for Windows Phone 7 educational applications,
  • To provide learning tools for any parent or Windows Phone enthusiast who is interested in developing their own Windows Phone application, andTo assist teachers and consequently, parents in using Windows Phone applications as educational tools.

Windows Phone Parent

We wish them the best of luck, and I know that I'll be dipping into their "Family Friendly App Directory" in the near future.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Parent