Blogging the move from Android to Windows Phone

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If you enjoyed the recent video diaries from Ewan here on AAWP, it might be an idea to bookmark Chris Leckness' ongoing series of posts on Gotta Be Mobile. He's tracking his move from an Android handset to one running Windows Phone. First up, he looks back at his mobile history, and digs out a damaged Samsung Focus to check out Mango while he waits for an HTC unit to arrive.

The update process takes about an hour, and after that, the exploring begins. Leckness has spotted some issues already, and they are less about Windows Phone as an OS, but about some gaps in the application ecosystem. For example, on Pandora:

I guess, as Eric from HTC put it, I am behind the times. He says Slacker is the way to go anyhow. Well, I love Pandora and I will definitely miss it. What might make it easier are other services that are available to Windows Phone owners like Spotify and Slacker. In addition, Zune Pass is an awesome solution. Why stream when I can just download all I can eat and make my own playlists.

Ye, it's nice that there are other options in Windows Phone, but sometimes you need the original - that's an issue that has seen many people over the moon that Spotify has arrived on Windows Phone last week.

Best of luck to Leckness, and we'll be keeping an eye on his progress.

Source / Credit: Chris Leckness (Gotta Be Mobile)