"...the first device that would make me give up the iPhone"

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Matthew Panzarino (from The Next Web) has been reviewing the Nokia Lumia 800, and loves what he's found, going as far as saying that this is the phone that could rival the iPhone in the modern marketplace, and certainly deserves to be seen as a key phone for Microsoft, and the smartphone time-line as a whole.

Nokia has created something that is somehow greater than the sum of its parts, a feat that I have only seen matched by one other smartphone recently, the iPhone.

While I might raise an eyebrow at some of the historical context (such as the Treo 180 being the move away from candy-bar phones, and the line "Symbian just never matured into a world-class OS"), most people live in the now, and the Lumia 800 is reviewed here against it's peers. And it comes out with flying colours.

A question mark remians in Panzarino's mind, and it's down to app support. Windows Phone have the big players on board, but is the emotion and enthusiasm there for third party developers to get on board?

The Next Web

The Lumia 800 is getting some wonderful press, the sort of press Nokia haven't seen since the world class N95. Don't forget, this was the "fast burn" handset with around six months of design work. What will they have this time next year, after 18 months of time, access to the Windows Phone code to contribute changes, and a year of experience in the public eye with Windows Phone?

Source / Credit: The Next Web