Looking back on a year with the Windows Phone's Devevloper Experience Team

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Brandon Watson runs the Developer Experience Team for Windows Phone at Microsoft (although he'll point out that all people need to know is "he works on Windows Phone"). On his personal blog he's looking back at a year of developer relations to pick out some of the highlights, popular questions, and the thinking behind the strategies.

With the news that IDC have placed Microsoft firmly in third place, a lot of people might call that a success, but I get the feeling that Foster wants more from the ecosystem. In any case this is a great manifesto for all evangelist teams, and if the same drive continues this year, and permeates the whole ecosystem, it's going to be a fun year as well.

It’s long been one of my driving assertions that developers care about two things: making money or getting noticed for their work.  [Robert] Scoble once quipped that it was about getting paid or getting laid.  Same difference.  Here’s the thing: it’s not all about sales of apps.  That matters – absolutely matters – but we can also do other things.  We don’t need any more web traffic.  Any chance we can take to redirect web traffic to a partner/developer is one we should take.  Same thing for speaking opportunities, inclusion in press, conferences, etc.  People know who we are.  They don’t know who the developers are.  Investing in them early pays off huge dividends later.  We focused on ensuring that put the developers and apps in the spotlight.  You will even see this in our newest round of commercials

This one is definitely worth a read.

Source / Credit: Brandon Watson (Many Niches)