The Nokia Lumia 800 is ready for business

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We've said it before, but Ewan Macleod (Mobile Industry Review, 361 Degrees Podcast, and occasionally mixed up with All About Windows Phone's Ewan Spence) does not mince words. So his review of the Lumia 800 is direct, honest, and should give both Nokia and Microsoft a little skip in their step.

It's not looking at the numbers, the stats, or sweating the tech detail, but it is a review of the Lumia by someone using it as a business phone (as , using it every day as his main phone. And the practical stuff wins him over:

I talked recently about the Lumia 800′s battery life feeling very much like the rest of the smartphones I have. This is true. I haven’t found it astonishing in terms of capacity at all. However, I did discover a ‘battery save’ mode. That fixes everything for me. It doesn’t limit the capacity of the phone as far as my experience concerned. It just stops a lot of the background location and connectivity services from running unless you actually want them. That has moved my Lumia experience from “good” to “great”. I am delighted that I can get through the day (and thensome) with the Lumia in Battery Save mode.

Is there hope for the Lumia to resurrect Nokia and supercharge Windows Phone?

If you’re thinking about the Lumia 800, definitely go and get hands-on in one of the stores. Phones4U in the UK have got Lumia 800s available for inspection either on the shelves or as stand-alone handsets. Go and have a look. No longer do you need to take a huge, huge bet using up your operator’s subsidy on a Nokia that disappoints. I don’t think many people will be disappointed at all. Anecdotally I’m meeting quite a few people who — interestingly — are aware of the Lumia brand. Nokia’s been making in-roads there over the last few weeks. For example, one of the chaps who cut my hair the other day in Richmond is “Definitely going to get a Lumia.”

“What about iPhone?” I asked, “Or Android?”

“Nah,” he said, making a disapproving face, “Everyone’s got iPhone and that Lumia is looking nice.”

That reaction from the public is one I've seen, and shown you in the Video Diaries from BlogWorld. Tomorrow is the launch day for the UK public to get their hands on the 800. There's going to be a lot of people watching Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the social networks for the initial reaction.

Source / Credit: Mobile Industry Review