Official Twitter client updated for Mango

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It's probably one of the weakest points in the Windows Phone app suite, but Mango users who rely on the official Twitter application will be able to pick up the updated version from the Marketplace today. Given the need for many people to access multiple accounts, this is a necessary application, even if it feels like a bit of a kludge. Still, at least we have an official application.

 Twitter on Windows Phone Mango Twitter on Windows Phone Mango 

Bumped up to version, the official client does have some changes to note. The obvious is that it now supports the fast-switching (multi tasking) to improve the UI; the addition of Twitter's own photo service to media sharing; there's also a counter on your API requests in the Settings/About screen that frequent tweeters will want to refer to.

 Twitter on Windows Phone Mango Twitter on Windows Phone Mango

Unfortunately it looks like this is nothing more than a maintenance release. There's no live tile support (even a notification on incoming replies or direct messages would be nice), no more integration with any of the sharing services, and it doesn't feel as "metro" as client for Facebook or Foursquare.

For DM and multiple account support, this is a deserving download. It's just a shame that nothing is being done to improve the experience and provide an alternative to the people hub.

Source / Credit: AAWP App Directory