It's all about the screen, as Sandra Vogel reviews the HTC Titan

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You can't help but talk about the stand-out feature in the Titan. The 4.7" screen is a great differentiator of HTC's latest Windows Phone handset. Running Mango out of the box, it has the tweaked UI and smooth interface that Metro can provide. Sandra Vogel wastes no time in putting this in context in her review of the smartphone on ZDNet.

The upside, of course, is that the 4.7in. screen delivers a large viewing area for email, text, web pages and other visually rich data. Watching videos is a pleasure, and we even used our Titan for reading e-books — a task we usually reserve for a dedicated reader. We used the Windows Mobile Kindle app, although other e-book reader apps are also available.

It's a positive review for the Titan, although with all the press for the Lumia around just now, I wonder if HTC are feeling a bit short changed? Anyway, Sandra's review can be read in full over on ZDNet.

Source / Credit: Sandra Vogel (ZDNet)