ZTE's Tania surfaces in France as SFR's "Internet 7"

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The Tania might only have 4GB of internal storage and the 1GHz processor, but ZTE have a habit of making some really good budget handsets with Android, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do with a Windows Phone. Announced over the summer, it's now it's available on SFR.

Marketing it as the "Windows Phone Internet 7" the handset is the first commercial sign of Windows Phone setting up camp in the mid-range handset band, Nokia's Lumia 710 is due here soon to provide a bit of competition as well, but ZTE have beaten them to market.

ZTE Tania

The screen, at 4.3", is on the "big" side of Windows Phone devices, but with the processor speed from the first generation of devices and 4GB of storage (so around 2.7GB available to the user) there are some compromises on display. Will that matter? We're on the lookout to review this handset on AAWP in the near future, in the meantime we'll be very interested to hear how the sales go in France.

Hat tip to WP Central for the link.

Source / Credit: SFR website