Samsung Focus 1.4 finally gets Mango

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Here comes Mango on the Samsung Focus v1.4! This version of the Focus (notably placed with AT&T in America) has a long and troubled history of not being updated for Mango. Well, the news this morning from Eric Hautala on the Windows Team Blog closes that chapter. The update to 7.5 is now being sent out.

THe question now is going to be asked when the presumed 8.0 update rolls out next year. Will the Samsung Focus 1.4 be at the back of the queue by a month or so again? Is this a one-off delay or something users an expect every single time? The online communities gave Microsoft about a week of slack before asking some pointed questions this time around - it would be nice to give users of this phone the confidence that they'll be up to date as much as the tehnology will allow them in the future.

Samsung Focus

For now though 1.4 users, welcome to Mango. The water's lovely!

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Blog