Nokia opens up the Ministry of Sound for Lumia users

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The Ministry of Sound's news and radio application was released last month on Windows Phone, for £1.49 (at least in the UK), but now Nokia Lumia owner can pick up the application for free in the Windows Marketplace.

Geared towards the news of their London club nights, including pictures of previous nights and purchasing tickets for future events, it also has a streaming radio station of Ministry of Sound music - don't forget as well as a nightclub MoS is also a record label.

Ministry of Sound

Hopefully the next version will allow the radio channel to play in the background, and interface with the "Music + Video" system. This is definitely an app with a targeted audience in mind, but I don't think that's the main reason Nokia have done a deal to provide this for free...

It's all about mind-share and association. Look at the screenshot in the marketing of the Nokia Lumia 800. Ministry of Sound is a recognisable name, even if you're not into the dance music scene. Much as having a British Airways app loaded into the device out the box, having MoS there pushes the message that Nokia is the place to be.

Source / Credit: AAWP App Directory