Nokia CEO steps up to the plate, "We're Game"

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Roger Chen has written an open letter to Nokia CEO on what the company might like to consider for a return to the US market over on CNET. Stephen Elop picks up on the letter and replies via Twitter. And if you ask us, we're expecting the first salvo at CES in January.

Chen's letter focuses on carrier relations, an area that Nokia has been poor at with previous CEOs:

There's word that you're in talks with AT&T to get your Windows Phones in the U.S. market. That's a good start, but to really make an impression here, you're going to have to bend over backward to cater to those carriers. Sounds simple, right? Perhaps, but it's a concept Nokia has failed to grasp over the past few years. The company has long stuck to its strategy of building products it wants to build, resulting in a frayed relationships with the wireless providers here.

It would be fair to point out that the Nokia of November 2011 is a much changed beast than it was in November 2010, and we'd assume that Elop's changes reach down to carrier relations as well. Are they up to the challenge?

Chen closed with "Are you game?" Elop's Twitter reply? "We're game."

Source / Credit: Roger Chen (Cnet)