WPCentral takes a first look at the ATT HTC Titan

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As the HTC Titan makes an appearance on US carrier AT&T, WP Central fires up the video camera to record their first impressions of the network-tweaked version of the 4.7" screened 4g Windows Phone handset.

There may other differences but those are the most notable ones we've seen so far. With the addition of the 1900 WCDMA band, the HTC Titan can finally reach AT&T's "4G" HSPA+ network, giving a nice boost to your upload and download speeds. Generation one devices were HSPA, meaning 7.2Mbps while second-generation Windows Phones on AT&T feature HSPA+ aka "4G", which is theoretically possible of 21Mbps (but on AT&T, it's rare). Forgetting nomenclature, does it make a difference? You betcha.

More of their first thoughts here.

Source / Credit: WP Central