The Next Web's crystal ball looks at Nokia

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Where next for Nokia and Windows Phone? Well, if you've been paying attention, you already know the rough direction (it's west, across the Atlantic), but Alex Wilhelm over on The Next Web helps join some of the dots, with a touch of speculation thrown in.

In a single sentence, a massive relaunch by the company in the United States is its next step, but there is much more that can be said. I’m going to draw on a recent interview that Nokia Stephen Elop held with Engadget, and other product news to paint the picture, as best as I can envision it, of what Nokia is set to do with the Windows Phone platform in the next few months.

What's missing from this picture is the expansion in Eastern Europe and Asia before the beach-head in the US market starts. Yes, there's a lot of online focus on the America question, but with launches of the Lumia range around the world (although I'm sure the focus on music for the Armenian launch while the Junior Eurovision Song Contest takes place in the capital is a coincidence), there's a lot of work to do that might not be apparent to people browsing online.

Source / Credit: Alex Wilhelm (The Next Web)