What happens when Klout sends you a Samsung Focus?

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The reaction in person when you hand a Windows phone to a long time Android is always worth watching, whether it is in person, or through the mail with the reaction posted online. Add to the pile Alex Wilborn, who's written up his first thoughts on the Samsung Focus.

Although I’m an Android guy through and through, I find myself sitting here and thoroughly enjoying a Windows Phone 7 device. To make the matter even stranger, it’s an AT&T phone! So how did a Verizon-fearing Android lover like myself get caught up in this conundrum, and why am I staying in it for so long? I’m glad you asked.

Turns out that the answer, in part involves Klout, who offered a number of influencers (determined according to Klout's mystery formula) a Windows Phone device to try out, and Wilborn was one of them. It's a short but honest appraisal of the platform.

It's also more outreach to find new users and get the word out about Windows Phone, this time it was Samsung, but we're seeing more pro-active campaigns like this every day. Windows Phone is definitely building up a head of steam!

Source / Credit: Plingo