Living in the Windows Phone ecosystem for everything

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Microsoft .Net developer Jose Kerado works with Visual Studio every day (but in his words "it’s not something I actively chose"), so there is the potential for some bias to creep into his latest post, where he talks about picking up a Samsung Focus and living entirely within the Windows Phone ecosystem. Is it possible? Is it nice? And could he see himself staying there?

A couple of months ago I switched my mobile environment from BlackBerry to Windows Phone. A couple of weeks using my Samsung Focus cellphone, and marveling at how well designed and integrated Windows Phone is, re-ignited my interest in things Microsoft. So I decided to do a “secret” test drive: Would it be possible for me to live 101% inside the Microsoft ecosystem with satisfactory results?

In a nutshell: You betcha. But of course, I’ll explain in more detail. And I’ll do my best to avoid making this sound like I was paid by Microsoft to write this.

What caught his eye? The 25GB of strage in SkyDrive and the automatic uploading of pictures taken on the phone was one, as was the Zune Pass subscription service for all you can listen to music. He's less sure about some of the design choices in Internet Explorer, but you can read the details and his summary on his blog, Cranial Saunterings.

Source / Credit: Jose Kercado (Cranial Saunterings)