Steady as she goes, Nokia, even if the media seas are rough

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What happens when you have a single analyst saying "I don't think that Nokia will sell as many phones as I thought they would when I guessed last week?" Well you have a lot of repetition of the statement online, and comparatively few people taking a step back to look at what's really happening. Bobbie Johnson, reporting on GigaOM around the statement by Pacific Crest Analysts, does just that. The truth is much less a disaster than some have written.

Thing is, the claim and counterclaims make for easy headlines, but they almost all overlook what this situation is really all about for Nokia.

The Lumia certainly isn’t about winning, at least not in the short term: it’s about reclaiming ground. It’s about stopping the rot, making products that some people love — perhaps not everybody. It’s about plotting a strategy and creating things that will drip down into the markets where Nokia is strongest over the next few years.

For a start, this is a limited phone release (to begin with) partly down to how many phones could be made in time, into which regions, and how much support could be given to each region. This isn't a boom "one day wins everything" play, it's more like an opening move in a chess game. Nokia have gone pawn-b3, which has drawn some strange looks from everyone who expects pawn-e4. That White (and Nokia) are playing a long game appears to have been lost on many.

Source / Credit: Bobbie Johnson (GigaOM)