Taking a look inside SkyDrive

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Every Windows Mobile phone comes with 25GB of storage in Microsoft's "cloud" solution of SkyDrive. Over on the Windows Live blog, Omar Shahine has some extensive background and notes on cloud computing in general, and SkyDrive in particular. Lots of info here on why things work the way they are in the Redmond cloud.

While mainstream users are only just starting to embrace personal cloud storage, we’re seeing more demand as people buy and use more types of devices and need to access content across them. As these trends continue, it’s interesting to look at how current approaches to personal cloud storage break down. We’ll look in particular at three groups of power users: college students, gadget fans, and photo enthusiasts. While they are on the leading edge today, they represent tomorrow’s mainstream.


Remote storage is one use of SkyDrive on Windows Mobile, and the "automatic upload pictures to SkyDrive" has proven useful once or twice, but what are you hoping to use SkyDrive for on your Windows Phone? What will the developers use this block of storage for?

Source / Credit: Omar Shahine (Windows Live Blog)