Third party musical API available for Pandora

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With all the thoughts around an updated Spotify.api, developers might be interested in looking at Justin Angel's third party API for Pandora. Now available at, as well as Windows Phone support, you can also use it for Windows 8 apps.

WMPowerUser have a list of the features available:

  • Login
    • Login using a
    • Anonymous login
  • Radio Stations
    • Retrieving a List of stations for a user
    • Deleting a station
    • Renaming a station
    • Creating new stations based on Artist or Song Search
  • Songs
    • Getting an MP3 Playlist for a Radio Station
    • Rating a song as “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down”
    • Banning songs
    • Sharing songs via email
  • Miscellaneous
    • Syncing server-time with the server
    • Checking for Geo-fencing

We'll flag up that as a hacked together third party API, this can't be guaranteed to work for ever, but when has that ever stopped the developers on the cutting edge from making some cool tools?

Source / Credit: WM Power User