BGR and the Nokia Lumia 800

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Todd Haselton is rather excited to get the Lumia 800 in his hands for a review - but once the FedEx delivery was opened and in his hands, will that excitement continue once he starts using the phone? There's only one way to find out (err, read the article)!

It isn’t just a phone, it symbolizes Nokia’s efforts to re-enter the global wireless market with a unique point of view and a fresh portfolio. It’s not available here in the U.S. yet, but a variant almost certainly will be early next year. Does the Lumia 800 push boundaries? Is it the best Windows Phone out there? Are the hardware and software married so perfectly that the competition might be looking on with envy? My full review follows below.

Nokia Lumia 800 at BGR

There are a few wrinkles in the mix, so room for improvement, but it's a positive review, and a thumbs up to Nokia.

Source / Credit: Todd Haselton (BGR)