Say goodbye to your free time with Vexed on Windows Phone

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You know what Windows Phone really needs? A really annoying, frustrating, and addictive puzzle game. There is the perfect game out there which meets all the criteria. Vexed. Initially available on the Palm, Luan Nguyen has ported a version of the game to WP. Meet Mobivexed.

All you need to do is have similar tiles toouch each other, and they will dissapear. Clear the level, and move on to the next. Trust me, it's simple - and I should know, I programmed it for Symbian!

 Vexed Vexed

Nguyen's version of the open source game is functional at best, and a lot more could be added to make this feel a comprehensive game, but until there's an update or a competitor, this has made me very happy. And frustrated. And I apologise for the time you'll spend on level 34 in advance.

Source / Credit: AAWP App Directory