"Don't mention the word 'Lumia'", and five other ways to sell Windows Phone

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With less than a month until Christmas, now is the time for the final marketing push from everyone, and that includes Microsoft with its Windows Phone partners. Looking at the US market, Windows Phone Daily has five ideas it thinks could help drive sales leading into 2012.

...so let Nokia do it's thing internationally and don't even mention the word "Lumia" here in the States until the very last second before they release their phones. In case you haven't gotten a good hard look at your second generation lineup of phones, you have plenty of eligible bachelors that deserve their time in the limelight.

The HTC Titan is selling out faster than you can say "4.7 inches", the HTC Radar 4G is a perfect mass market phone on T-Mobile in between all of those Sensations and MyTouchs, the Focus S builds off the strength of Windows Phone's most successful brand ever, and the Focus Flash practically sells itself at that amazing $49 pricetag.

Interestingly, I agree in principe with the "don't mention the Nokia Lumia to the Amerians" line, in the connected world of the internet that's a tough ask. After all, websites have a global reach. But focusing on some of the great phones that are available in each regional market is the way forward.

As for the other other four, we'll leave you to read them at WP Daily.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Daily