Updates to SkyDrive web service

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Microsoft yesterday unveiled a number of updates for its SkyDrive service. The main impact is on the web based experience, improving overall usability and adding a number of functions. There are no changes to the way SkyDrive works on a mobile device, but the web service improvements does makes the integration with Windows Phone more valuable.

Key changes

  • Improved sharing - it's now possible to share individual files (previously only folders could be shared), giving a greater degree of control and allowing for more 'app-centric sharing'. The way you share files has also been improved, making it easier to share via email, social networks and links (previously focused around Live network, with external sharing being more cumbersome).
  • Improved file management including the ability to create and rename folders inline, right-click functionality to quickly take an action and the ability to create a new Office document more quickly. 
  • HTML 5 uploads, which allows you to drag and drop files and folder into a SkyDrive instance to upload them (IE 10, Chrome, Forefox and Safari). In addition background file uploading is now supported.
  • Photo slide-show functionality re-introduced and improved.
  • Support for viewing of more file types including RAW and PDF. 
  • Improved performance - many functions now take place inline, more resources are pre-loaded and sign in is 50% faster.

If you find you have problem opening SkyDrive files on your Windows Phone device following this update, you may wish to read about this work around (note the warning about copying local documents).

Video summary of changes

Source / Credit: Windows Team Blog