Selling the cloud to humans

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TheNextWeb writes about how Microsoft and Apple are going all out to sell cloud service to ordinary human beings. Both companies are running a series of TV ads to show how their cloud services can enhance everyday life. Apple have concentrated on media consumption - showing how easy it can be to stream content around your home to all of your Apple devices. Meanwhile, Microsoft's TV ad depicts a father using the OneNote service as a shopping list. You see him running around the supermarket searching for everything. Meanwhile, at home, his kids are adding a list of treats via the home PC which is synchronised in real time to their Dad's phone.

There is most certainly a rush to the cloud, but I fear that it is all going to be too platform specific. I'd be much happier to see cloud platoforms and hardware platforms split up. This way consumer choice is maximised in the case of cloud providers making it difficult for people to switch services.

Source / Credit: TheNextWeb