Nokia Lumia 800 launches in Russia

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The Nokia Lumia 800 is now available in Russia. According to the Nokia Russia's Facebook page it will available exclusively through Nokia's showrooms for the next two weeks, after which it will be available through standard retail channels. The first devices will be sold by Nokia's flagship store in Moscow for a cost of 20,990 roubles. 

There's discount of 10% for the first 50 customers who apply for a voucher through the Facebook page. The same 50 customers will also be entered into a raffle. The prize? A trip to the Baikonur space port. 

Russia is one of Nokia's key European markets. It is the third biggest downloaders of content from Nokia Store and retains a strong brand presence through out the country. Compared to Western Europe Android and iOS devices are less prevalent, with Nokia retaining a larger portion of smartphone market-share. As such Russia may serve as a useful indicator for the sales potential of Nokia's Windows Phone products in markets where Nokia is looking to convert existing Nokia (Symbian) users to its Windows Phone products.

Russia is also one of just a handful of countries where the Nokia Lumia 800 will go head to head with the Nokia N9. These two phones represent the two sides of the strategic choice that Nokia made earlier in the year. We're sure a number of commentators and analysts will be comparing the sales number between these two devices.

Lumia 800

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Source / Credit: Nokia Russia