Shuffle Party - free Xbox Live title

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New in the Windows Phone Marketplace is the free Xbox Live title Shuffle Party. The game, which draws on shuffleboard and bowling for its inspiration, sees you shuffling a puck along a wooden playing surface. Game modes include shuffleboard (land pucks in scoring zones), bowling (knock down pins) and challenge (score points).

As you play the game you earn money that can be spent in a pro shop, letting you upgrade the various playing elements (puck, pins, etc.). There are 50 Gamerscore points on offer, spread across a number of achievements, most of which are relatively easy to complete.

The game has been developed by Babaroga, the same team responsible for Minesweeper and Sudoku (also free Xbox Live titles).

Shuffle Play can be downloaded for free through the Windows Phone Marketplace. Shuffle Party is available globally (AT, CH, DE, AU, GB, HK, IE, IN, NZ, US, ZA, cl, ES, MX, FI, BE, CA, FR, HU, IT, PL, PT, RU, SE, TW) and is advertising supported in select countries.


Shuffle Party brings the classic table game to Windows Phone with a twist. Knock down spares and strikes in Bowling Mode with easy to use touch controls. Perfect your skill shot in a series of puzzles in the exciting new Challenge Mode! Earn cash for your high scores to spend on custom pucks, pins and tables. Play traditional shuffleboard solo or get your friends in on the action with pass and play multiplayer. Your Avatar can even join the fun as you unlock Achievements for your Xbox LIVE account. Shuffle Party will bowl you over.


Shuffle Party ScreenshotShuffle Party ScreenshotShuffle Party Screenshot