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Windows Phone UK is running a campaign to encourage advocacy of the Windows Phone platform. The 'into' campaign, which is being promoted on FacebookTwitter and the My Kind of Phone Blog, encourages people to share information about Windows Phone with their friends. The Facebook page has a number of promotions and competitions, which, ultimately, are also aimed at spreading the word about Windows Phone.

Encouraging people to act as advocates for a brand, by using the reach of their social graphs on Facebook and Twitter is an increasingly common marketing tactic. In the case of Windows Phone it seems a particularly apt solution, given the deep integration of Facebook and Twitter into the People Hub functionality of the platform.

To encourage people to take part in the 'into' campaign points are awarded when take various actions (tweeting about a promo, demoing functionality to friends and so on). Those with the most points each month will be awarded prizes (e.g. shopping vouchers).

As part of the campaign an into Windows Phone app has been published, which lets you demonstrate, to your friends, what key Windows Phone experiences (People Hub, Picture tagging and Groups) would look like for them. It does this by getting them to sign into their Facebook account, from which a person-specific demo is then created (i.e. it shows a demo of People Hub with their own data).

The app also lets you view information about the competitions and promotions that are part of the 'into' campaign. Currently a competition to win a trip to Finland is running. Note that the 'into' campaign is aimed at the UK market and as such the promotions and competitions are only open to UK residents.

One of the key challenges facing Windows Phone in the UK is how to gain visibility in a smartphone market where iOS, Android and, to some extent, Symbian are embedded in the public consciousness. The 'into' campaign will help with this; it forms another part of the big push by Microsoft and Nokia to promote the platform. The social graph driven element of the campaign may help it reach those who more traditional advertising campaigns might miss. However, it will also need to be carefully handled and monitored by Microsoft, as the dangers of astroturfing and over-enthusiastic advocates are always present in social and word of mouth campaigns.

The into Windows Phone app can be download from the Windows Phone Marketplace.


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