YuleTile brings a virtual Advent calendar to your phone

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YuleTile, an app added the the Marketplace in the last few days, adds a virtual Advent calendar to your phone, letting you count down the days to Christmas. Behind each window is one of twenty-five hand painted festive images. The app also offers the opportunity to give your phone a Christmas makeover, with seasonal wallpapers and ringtones.

You'll get the most out of the app if you pin into to your start screen. It offers quick access to the app, but more importantly makes the most of the app's beautiful artwork by displaying the day's image on the live tile.

YuleTile has been published by Mendzapp, a company, founded by James Mundy, that aims to develop unique and engaging games and applications for mobile. James has previously released Travelnapp, a clever utility that uses you phone's GPS to trigger an alarm when you are approaching your destination on public transport (thus ensuring you don't miss your stop).

YuleTile can be downloaded from the Marketplace. There's a free trial and the full version costs £0.79 / $0.99 / €0.99. 10% of the apps profits will be contributed to the charity Railway Children, which aims to help children living on the streets. 


A Christmas wallpaper, ringtone and live tile advent calendar app featuring 25 hand-painted festive images. 10% of the profits from this app will go towards supporting the work of an international children’s charity.

YuleTile allows you to pin an advent calendar tile right onto your home screen and count down the days until Christmas! Each day you will be presented with the day's tile from which you can enter the app, open up the windows and be greeted with 1 of 25 fantastic hand-painted Christmas images. These will be featured on your home screen until it’s time to open the next day’s tile to reveal another image!

And if your phone still isn’t Christmassy enough, YuleTile features various images and music from the app that you can use to get you and your phone into the Christmas spirit!


YuleTile ScreenshotYuleTile ScreenshotYuleTile Screenshot


Here's a video from the developer, offering a demo of YuleTile: