31 Days of Mango teaches WP 7.5 development

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31 Days of Mango is a series of articles that cover development for Windows Phone 7.5. For each day of November a tutorial about some aspect of Mango development was posted on Jeff Blankenburg's blog. A broad range of topics has been covered including Gyroscope, Raw Camera, Motion, Background Task, File Transfers, App Connect, Execution Model and more.

Taken as a whole the series of tutorials is amazingly detailed and  is a great way to brush up on the changes introduced in the first major revision of the Windows Phone platform.  Generously the contributors are giving away the information for nothing in its web version. However, you can support the authors by buying the 31 Days of Mango app or ebook version of the series (available for Amazon's Kindle and Barnes and Noble's Nook).

The 31 Days of Mango project was instigated by Jeff Blankenburg and various people have contributed to the series including Jared BienzSamidip BasuJerrel BlankenshipDave BostMichael CollierMatt ElandJeff FanslerGary JohnsonParag Joshi,Chris KoenigDoug Mair, and Chris Woodruff.

31 Days of Mango

The articles have also been translated into a number of languages: Chinese, German, Russian, and Spanish.

Source / Credit: 31 Days of Mango