How much do UK sales teams enjoy the Nokia Lumia 800?

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An interesting collection of viewpoints from retailers has been collected by Jay Montano over on MyNokiaBlog. Culled from "The Connection from Nokia" website, it shows the message and capabilities of Windows Phone (in the form of the Nokia Lumia 800) are being pushed on the UK High Streets, and the customer reactions.

A typical example from The Carphone Warehouse:

After having a customer come in for an iPhone 4S I asked her why she wanted one, she replied ‘they’re easy to use’. So I showed her my Nokia Lumia and how easy it works and she loved it that much that she brought one and because there such great value for money she was happy she saved £10 a month!

The point here isn't to show that the phones are selling (by all anecdotal accounts they are, but let's wait for some solid numbers before any champagne is opened), or that the retail staff are switching people from one phone platform to another, the point is that the staff know what's going on, how the devices work, and that they want to sell the device. That speaks both of a behind the scenes training program, and possible financial benefits to the stores and employees.

Is the Lumia 800 making a dent in the landscape? Yes, and mostly because of the investment by Nokia in this smartphone - an investment that will hopefully pay off as the 710 is released, and the follow up devices build up in the Windows Phone inventory.

Source / Credit: My Nokia Blog