The Nokia 800, Amazon, and questions from US readers

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With sites around the Windows Phone world noting US based retailers on Amazon (and others) offering Nokia's Lumia 800, a few people have questions on what the experience is like. At this point it's worth looking back at my time in the US with the Lumia 800 and confirming a few points.

  1. Yes the price is higher, because it is unsubsidised - expect the network price to come down a lot when it officially arrives. You don't get a discount on your monthly fees though, that's the price of being an incredibly early adopter.
  2. You will need a Micro SIM card, but ask around the phone shops for a SIM cutter. My AT&T Go Phone SIM card is a regular size, but after chopping worked fine in the Lumia 800.
  3. As long as you have a SIM card, the phone will work. That's what factory unlocked means, no restrictions on which network it will connect with.
  4. You will pick up 3G and HSDPA where available.

Any other questions? We'll try to answer them in the comments..

Source / Credit: Ewan Spence (All About Windows Phone)