AndroidNZ and three days with a Windows Phone

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Hand a Dell Venue Pro to AndroidNZ (and take away the Galaxy S 2). Let them write whatever they want, from the point of view of an Android fan. Step back and when they are finished, read the article. The good, the not so good, and the wrap up are all here. What do "the other side" think? Let's find out

I think the opening note from the Editor sums up the article:

I firmly believe this is a must-read. Even though we're obviously Android fans here, I think having an open mind to what else is out there is a great attribute to foster. Regardless of how you feel about competing OS, there is no doubt that we're all better off for competition and innovation - if you want the best from Android then I think you should also be wishing success to it's competitors. I was actually going to write a piece like this, but my colleague has beaten me to the punch (probably for the best, he's a better writer than me). Enjoy this one, for me it's one of the best articles I've seen all year at an Android site, and do try keep an open mind people!

I won't spoil the conclusion, but it manages to draw a definitive line that puts Android on one side, and Windows Phone on the other. The question hanging in the air is, of course, which side of the line will end users want to stand on?

Source / Credit: Android NZ