One week of Windows Phone after four years of iPhone

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Here's another comparison article, this time from a long term iOS user with a Nokia supplied Lumia 800. J. Martin is not ready to switch back to his iPhone just yet, but neither is he ready to commit to the Windows Phone ecosystem. It's a balanced look at the strengths and weaknesses of the platform.

I was impressed with the Lumia. I had seen photos online and wasn’t sure how much the device would actually appeal to me. It felt solid, it looked different from what is considered the traditional smartphone form factor these days, and I actually really liked it. Other users have commented on how much they like it as well. So, Nokia did a nice job offering something different into a market full of black slabs.

The positives and negatives are covered, but it's the summary that intrigues me - Windows Phone has done enough to put some doubt in the mind of this user, enough for them to give the platform a chance. That's a good sign.

Source / Credit: J. Marti (Strategy Analytics)