Nokia starts roll out of first Lumia 800 device update

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Nokia has started rolling out the first device specific update for the Lumia 800. The update brings charging improvements, better display switching in bright light and improved audio quality. The update will also include the 7740 platform update (Exchange 2003 and voicemail fixes) if you have not already installed it. 

The update to charging should help solve the issue of the device taking up to 30 minutes to recovery from very low charge states in some circumstances. There are additional improvements that improve the power efficiency of the device, which mean the battery will last long on a single charge.


As noted by Nokia this first update update is being rolled out to all device over the next two weeks. This means the update may not be immediately available for your device.

Not everyone will get the update at once – the number of simultaneous downloads has to be limited – but it should be delivered in all the initial launch countries over the course of the next two weeks. The software will be downloaded through Microsoft Zune.

The update is part of a schedule of frequent updates that will include both device (e.g. Lumia 800) and application (e.g. Nokia Music) updates. The second device update, which is scheduled for early 2012, will bring further enhancements to battery life and battery charging; it will also deliver other software updates and enhancements.

Source / Credit: Nokia Conversations