Lumia 800 from the power user perspective

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Terence Eden, writing on his blog, has reviewed the Lumia 800 from a power users perspective. He concentrates on what he found irritating in his initial usage period, but does start with some positive points, noting that "the Metro UI is really easy to use, gentle on the eye, and a clever way to organise a phone".

As Terrence says:

"I’m an extremely demanding mobile user. I recognise that I am an edge-case; what I find annoying, you may not."

While edge case users may be the stuff of product manager's worst nightmares, they nonetheless provide a great insight into the weakness and strength of a product.

The points that Terrence brings up will not apply to all users and some you may not agree with (e.g. I like the way volume controls work), but if you're considering buying the Lumia 800, they do provide insight from a different perspective to many of the Lumia reviews we've featured here on the site. 


In a closing comment Terrence mentions that the Lumia 800 feels like the original iPhone: 'radical and limited'. In many ways that is exactly what Microsoft as aiming at with the Windows Phone platform. The crucial next stage is removing some of those limitation in subsequent platform updates and devices.


Source / Credit: Terence Eden